Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stockholm 2007...a journey in pictures

Been too busy this week to write a review of my brilliant Stockholm holiday, so here are some pictures which I took instead! A friendly moo at Skansen.

A street in Gamla Stan.
Moose - can't get away from them.
The Royal Palace. Being royals of course, they don't actually live in this one - they've got a bigger and better one just outside the city. Can't resist an amusing sign whenever I go on holiday....!
A traditional old Swedish country house at Skansen.
And another one.
Yet another one of those tall, leggy Swedish blondes.
Took about 300 pictures of moose at Skansen. Here's just one.
Above is the City Hall at sunset, seen from the little island of Helgeandholmen.
The lovely square named Stortorget on Gamla Stan, whose architecture owes more to Holland than Sweden.
City Hall again, spoiled by a rather unnecessary crane.
Gamla Stan seen from the Djurgården ferry.
How Swedish can a lunch be? Meatballs, potatoes, cloudberries and a Pripps Blå !!

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