Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grease Is The Word: time for a reshuffle

Amid poor ratings and Simon Cowell's admission that it has been a flop, something had to happen over at ITV's "Grease Is The Word". As time is running out to choose a Danny and Sandy for the West End theatre production, money man David Ian chose to reshuffle the existing couples!
Anthony & Alison....became Anthony & Vicky
Song - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Now Vicky is our favourite girl of course but she will always be in the shadow of Anthony-me-me-me-Kavana-Kavanagh: they didn't bond, they had no chemistry, he's not that great and is only surviving on past glories.
Danny R & Lauren...became Danny R & Alison
Song - "When You're Gone". He sings well but the whole thing is a farce as he won't be able to carry a show's scripts due to his speech impediment. Really feel sorry for Alison as she's one of the best girls but will face an early exit as the other half of this couple.
Bradley & Michelle...became Bradley & Lauren
Song - "It Takes Two". He looks like her dad. I never really liked him, and she's too young, so I won't be too upset if they go.
Michael & Vicky...became Michael & Susan
Song - "We've Got Tonight". The first pairing tonight which have shown that they are serious contenders. I'm no Susan McFadden fan of course but have to admit that they have clicked and could be Danny and Sandy...
Danny B & Susan...became Danny B & Michelle
My attention wandered and I can't even remember what they sang. Bland bland bland.
The sing-off
Bradley & Lauren versus Danny R & Alison.
B & L out: so therefore Danny R lives to fight another week. Glad for Alison but how long will the panel put him through this?

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