Sunday, May 27, 2007

Grease Is The Word: it's Danny week!!

Can you keep up with the format changes on ITV's "Grease Is The Word"? After last week's reshuffling of couples, the Dannys and Sandys were split and this week saw the Danny semi.

Four Dannys remained: appropriately two of them were actually called Danny!

Acting class this week with Jennifer Ellison and Paul Nicholas. The years have not been kind to him, have they?

Michael was first up with "Burning Love". He did well and was quite convincing, and David Ian likes him. Most disturbing thing of the evening: Brian Friedman's diva-hoodie outfit thing. Very worrying indeed.

Danny R - yes he can sing but it's not enough. He has a speech impediment, which in a show like this is, sadly, a drawback. He's not Danny Zuko in looks either. The sympathy vote got him this far but no further. His "I'm Still Standing" was good, and in another time and another place (Pop Idol? X Factor?) he might do very well, but this is, brutally and sadly, not the place for him.

Danny B - liking the format this week: you sometimes can't tell the quality of a performer in a duet. Did very well if a little cheesy on "It's Not Unusual". He is the best looking of the remaining Dannys and is our favourite for the part.

Anthony - "Higher and Higher". Ironic choice for a vertically-challenged washed-up pop star. At least David Ian was spot-on: he wants his pop career back. Watch the grin turn to a scowl, a smile turn to a sulk. Mum says: "he's an arrogant wee b*****d" and I agree.

The ever changing format - make it up as you go along??? - reached the first elimination - by the panel and not the Great British Public. Just as well, as to no great surprise Danny R was dispatched, for his own good as much as anybody's.

Round 2: Ballads

"I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - Michael. One of these years, can we have a reality-pop-show without this song? Michael is good, although to me seems a little old-fashioned, yet he gets results. Sinitta dared to turn it into a looks competition, suggesting that he was up against two better looking guys....

Danny B is of course the best looking male left in the contest. On "She's The One" he gave a very strong performance for a 19 year old who is mature beyond his years. We say: "You could still be Danny!!!"

Anthony-Me-Me-Me-Kavanagh sang "If You're Not The One". Not quite at the level of Shayne Ward's rendition on X Factor, and he's too short and too arrogant.

Format change again - can you keep up, cause I can't - now the viewers are evicting/saving: Danny B to the final!! Yay!!
Anthony "failed pop star Kavana" Kavanagh - Nooooooo!
So out goes Michael. At least he was a good loser. David Ian promised to work with him.

Next week: Sandys semi!!! We predict: Susan and Vicky to the final.

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