Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dreamcoats at dawn: the whole Lee vs Daniel thing

Ah the good old internet thing. Where there's a reality show there's sure to be blogs, forums, wannabe stalkers, all that kind of thing. I am now in the advanced stages of Joseph-itis, although my obsession is, needless to say limited to one man only (three letters, first word L). Enjoying the Lee appreciation thread over at the mighty Digital Spy ( however there generally seems to be a view across various sites/forums that it's a two horse race, those two particular horses being Lee and Daniel. Initially Daniel was my favourite thanks to his outstanding version of "You Give Me Something", however over the past 2 weeks I've gone off him a bit, maybe the song choices are wrong as he's still possibly the best singer in the competition - however Lee has the complete package and deserves to win "Any Dream Will Do". That is, if he makes it to the final. Just found out tonight that he has, in true reality TV style, caught some kind of virus and may not be well enough for Saturday :-(((( Fingers crossed he makes typically reality TV-type recovery in time for Show 4.

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