Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brit Awards: you win some, you lose some

Well I got a few of my predictions right, and some I got in the wrong order :)

I wasn't at EuropeCrazy HQ tonight so missed watching the awards show live, but will catch up with it over the next few days. Anyway I had a look at the results and here's a few thoughts.

YAY! for Take That - two awards (best live act and best single) proves that they were - and still are - the world's greatest ever boyband, or should I now say man-band ha ha.

BOO! for the tedious, overrated Arctic Monkeys winning best album and best British group: is this really the best that we can do? Even worse, they have spawned millions of equally tedious imitators.

EH? for Mark Ronson winning Best British male artist. Now I have loved his interesting cover versions with guest vocalists over the past year, but would it not have been better to give it to someone who actually sang on his own record?

OH GIMME A BREAK! for Kate Nash winning the Best British female award. Is it just me, or is it cause I eat so many lemons that I am so bi-tter?

???? for Adele winning the new "hype of the year" oops I mean "Critics Choice" award. How about "Most hyped act kept off no.1 by Basshunter"????

I might have more to say once I watch the show. It goes without saying that it was probably rubbish as usual anyway.


AcerBen said...

Leona woz robbed.

EuropeCrazy said...

I knew you'd say that! OK let's just agree to disagree - I've never been a Leona fan, nothing against her as a person but I just don't like that singing style.

Having said that, I thought the "Best British Female" category had a pretty dire list of nominees.