Saturday, February 09, 2008

This week's playlist: Do you think about me now and then

Homecoming - Kanye West & Chris Martin: Kanye continues to push the boundaries of commercial rap music, and this is one more example.
Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) - Cobra Starship: Faithful travelling companion kindly lent me a copy of this Samuel L Jackson movie, which is just a guilty pleasure to enjoy. I liked the theme song too, and this is it.
Do It Yourself - Uniting Nations: why wasn't this dance anthem a big hit? It should have been. In the meantime they will just have to settle for a mention on my playlist.
P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E./Farewell/Walking Crooked In A Straight Line - Vincent: fear not, that album review is on its way, and here are three rather good tracks from "Lucky Thirteen".
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan: nobody I know likes this, which is probably a good reason to like it. One of my work colleagues called him "the new Mika". (This particular person hates Mika)
Do You Love Me - Amanda Jenssen: I really like this, so what if it's just a Swedish version of Amy Winehouse? Why not?
Rockstar - Nickelback: one of the more enduring UK chart hits of recent times, and it's not going away. I really like this now.
Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip: I know the name, but hadn't heard their music till recently. Appealing, foot-tapping electro-pop-rock which has eaten its way into my brain.
Wow - Kylie Minogue: Follow-up to "2 Hearts" which, IMHO, was drivel. This is more catchy, commercial, radio friendly...just a good modern pop record.
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Mark Ronson: OK so this is old news but this brassy reworking of the Coldplay tune is currently all over TV as background music and indeed it's good background music to write this blog to....!


Rachel said...

Sun Goes Down is a great song,it seems to be all the rage on our radio station at the minute.It's so different to anything else in the charts- I can't remember liking anything that's been popular in Britain for a good couple of years now.Well,except Basshunter anyway,I hated Boten Anna but I'm really getting into Now You're Gone at the minute for some reason.

EuropeCrazy said...

I used to hate "Boten Anna" and I also hated "Now You're Gone" initially. Acer Ben told me I'd eventually end up loving it and he was right. Now everyone claims to hate it (although if everyone really hated it, it wouldn't have been number one all these weeks) anyway I still like it!