Thursday, February 28, 2008

This week's playlist: I wanna be next to you

Black and Gold - Sam Sparro: exceptional, classy, adventurous pop song which I have played this week more than any other, and is possibly the first serious contender for inclusion in the EuropeCrazy 2008-50!
La Histeria - Marquess: this song has its own little party going on!
Fascination - Alphabeat: hyper-happy pop from Denmark which my local radio station played the other day! It will probably be too upbeat and cheerful for us over here in the land of dreary-pop.
Happy Together - The Jam: still got this 80s oldies vibe going at the moment (there's a post coming about that soon I promise) and this was a great song from their album "The Gift".
Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip: no I still haven't heard their album but I'm still enjoying this little electro-pop song.
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan: the more others hate this, the more I love it!
We Keep On Rockin' - Alcazar: took a couple of weeks for me to appreciate this comeback track but it's finally made it to the playlist. Welcome back!

No Melodifestivalen tracks on the playlist yet, I'm waiting till they're all available in studio versions - at which time you can expect Ola, BWO, Patrik Isaksson and Rongedal to make the list - and there may be some treats in store from this week's heat too. Will check out this week's sound clips either tomorrow or Saturday and do the usual preview and predictions too.

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AcerBen said...

Alphabeat are up to 14 on iTunes so it looks like it will be a UK hit after all :D