Thursday, February 21, 2008

This week's playlist: In the day, in the night, say it right

Say It Right - Christoffer Hiding: Not usually into these Idol-cover versions but my favourite guy from the last series of "Idol" in Sweden truly made this song his own (as Louis Walsh might say)
La Histeria - Marquess: OK it's official now, I love this tune. Catchy and summery.
Love Is Gone - David Guetta: since Quentin did a magnificent version of this last week on Star Ac I have been listening quite a lot to the original.
The Headmaster Ritual/The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths: Hadn't heard these for a few years but had this sudden urge to play them, and remembered just how spectacular Johnny Marr's music was, even if it was always overshadowed by Morrissey's voice and words.
Double Je - Christophe Willem: one I've dug out again after his triumph at the NRJ Music Awards. What a star he is, even if his image may suggest otherwise.
The Murder of Love - Propaganda: another long-lost 80s oldie which I converted from vinyl to MP3 so I could listen to it anytime on my iPod.
Do You Love Me - Amanda Jenssen: still loving this. And it's still better than any of the Amy Winehouse-copycats doing the rounds.
Always Always - Zuma: first of my MGP favourites which I'm still listening to even though that's over for another year.
Colliding - Nicholas Carlie: I'm not sick of this one yet either. Classy contemporary swaying pop ballad.
Work - Kelly Rowland: This is another of these songs which I didn't really like for a long time but now I do.

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