Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This week's playlist: 21st Century Melodifestivalen

Bit of a change this week: as MF is in full swing, I thought I'd do a list of some of my favourite MF songs since the year 2000. It's longer than the usual playlist but with good reason!!!

"Anropar Forsvunnen" - Hanna Hedlund (2000): The kind of schlager which is always popular at MF but never wins. Good fun.
"Bara Du Och Jag" - Balsam Boys (2000): One of the most bizarre combinations ever - Swedish rapped verses with a fab chorus by Svenne & Lotta. No-one ever mentions this forgotten gem but I always liked it.
"Allt Som Jag Ser" - Barbados (2001): the only song I liked that year and I was rather annoyed to say the least when it didn't win and "Lyssna..." did. No offence to Friends, but I liked their other MF entries better than that one.
"Varlden Utanför" - Barbados (2002): No complaint with the winner that year (Afro-Dite) but I really loved this one, and always hoped that one day Magnus would get to represent Sweden. I live in hope...
"Adrenaline" - Mendez (2002): This one is IMHO one of the best MF songs EVER!! An absolute classic which I played long after MF and still love it.
"Aqua Playa" - Afro-Dite (2003): Have been playing this a lot again lately. Ooh-aah baby!
"Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" - Alcazar (2003): Another absolute classic and what I thought was their best ever MF entry.
"Bye Bye" - Barbados (2003): Another goodie. Didn't think I'd like them anymore after Magnus left, but this proved me wrong.
"Mr Memory" - Shirley Clamp (2003): What a good year 2003 was...the year we were introduced to Dame Shirley at MF!!
"It's In The Stars" - LaGaylia Frazier (2004): This was rather soul-disco-tastic and not really an MF-type song but again it lived on for a long time in my CD player long after MF was over.
"Paradise" - E-Type (2004): Yes laugh if you must but I do like E-Type's type of dance music and this was a very good example of it.
"Min Kärlek" - Shirley Clamp (2004): Lena deserved to win of course but this I think you will agree is a modern schlager classic.
"Alcastar" - Alcazar (2005): Not as good as "Not a Sinner..." but it's in this list because I love them and I'm biased.
"Refrain Refrain" - Pay TV (2005): Great lyrics.which themselves are a parody. A very different kind of MF entry again.
"Lev Livet!" - Magnus Carlsson (2006): Ooh I really loved this and still do. No-one ever deserved it more, and was denied more, than Magnus. Sadly I think his time may be over to represent Sverige :(
"La Chica de la Copa" - Pablo Cepeda (2006): Mendez-meets-Ricky Martin - that formula couldn't go wrong for me but again it's maybe a little dated now.
"Kalla Nätter" - Jessica Andersson (2006): MF always needs her and it's missing her this year. Anyway the song was great, but maybe the staging of it (and the outfit) wasn't.
"Temple of Love" - BWO (2006): Some very memorable entries that year. This really got me into BWO and fingers crossed that their entry this year is a goodie :-)
"Kom" - Jessica Andersson (2007): More glitterball-tastic-ness. I didn't really like her when she was in Fame but loved her solo MF stuff better. Fab disco-schlager.
"The Arrival" - The Attic (2007): another one which lived on for a long time outwith MF because it's a very very good dance track.
"Cara Mia" - Måns Zelmerlöw (2007): Need I say more? A classic.
"When The Night Comes Falling" - Sebastian (2007): I love love love him and hope that he will bring us lots more good music in the future. I may just have worn out the section of my MF 2007 DVD when this song comes on ;)
"Live Forever" - Magnus Carlsson (2007): It's still a mystery to me how this didn't qualify.

2008....the best is, presumably, yet to come!!

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