Saturday, February 23, 2008

Melodifestivalen: one hour to go

Think it could be quite close to call tonight but here are my predictions for tonight's Melodifestivalen....

Qualifying to Globen: BWO and Ainbusk.

Yes I'm biased, but BWO have the most memorable pop song of the night, I've only heard the one-minute clip so can't compare it to the greatness of "Temple of Love". They are promising spectacular costumes and stage routine, and Martin will no doubt be looking as fabulous as ever.

Ainbusk have been around for a while, and they may just get the 'ballad vote' amid all the uptempo tunes tonight.

Qualifying to Andra Chansen: Frida Muranius and Eskobar.

I'm not really a fan of Ms Muranius based on her one-big-hit-single but this pleasantly surprised me. It's uptempo reggaeton-style pop with some rap thrown in.

Eskobar are one of this year's wild-cards and they usually have a good chance of qualifying. This is very different from the usual MF stuff and if they pull off a good performance this could be a qualifier.

Patrik Isaksson is also on tonight and I was quite impressed with his song based on the clip which I heard - very reminiscent of "When The Night Comes Falling" which I loved.

Answers in a couple of hours...

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