Thursday, February 21, 2008

Swedish Charts Update

In this week's Sverige Topplistan singles chart, congratulations once again to Amanda Jenssen as "Do You Love Me" still stays at no.1. Basshunter's at no.2 with "Now You're Gone" and Alcazar's new hit "We Keep On Rockin'" climbs to no.4 from last week's no.17.

Veronica Maggio, who became quite popular a couple of years ago is back with "Måndagsbarn", no. 34 this week, which like a lot of other stuff at the moment has a bit of an Amy Winehouse-retro-vibe about it.

Velvet's "Deja Vu" is the highest new entry and the highest placed song from Melodifestivalen in the chart, with Michael Michailoff at no. 3o, Andra Generationen at no. 36 and Brandur at no. 40. Everything will completely change in the singles chart in the next few weeks as it will be totally taken over by Melodifestivalen songs.


Poster Girl said...

I have this giant post sitting as a draft about all the Amy Winehouse-esque singers/songs doing the rounds now--Sweden alone must have at least three of them now, what with the two you named (Veronica Maggio's new incarnation and Amanda Jenssen), plus Pauline of "Running Out Of Gaz" is back with that sort of sound, too!

I'm happy for Velvet's entry, and kind of wonder if she'll climb next week--maybe not, since her digital sales might fall, but I know some Swedish stores didn't start stocking the physical version of her single until this week...though so few singles are sold in Sweden, who knows what could happen--she could plummet to #60 and then be up to #5 the next week.

I'm also thrilled for Alcazar! I don't think there even if a physical single of that, so it's all on digital sales.

EuropeCrazy said...

I was just wondering how many singles sales it takes to make the charts these days too. Wonder when all the MF entries will be available in studio version this year? Maybe after the final or before then?

In the past I've been very complimentary about Swedish television and all the wonderful shows they've posted on the web but I'll have to say a great big BOOOOO! to them this time, for getting all the MF videos removed from YouTube, thus denying me the opportunity to have my gratuitous drool-at-Ola-and-Alexander session. :-(

Great to see Alcazar back as well, although I miss Magnus and Annikafiore from the line-up.

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, I KNOW! It makes no sense whatsoever. I don't buy the "it gives the songs in the earlier heats an unfair advantage" argument at all--it's not difficult for people to record the audio and listen to that, as loads of people are doing--I don't think the videos would give any more of an "unfair advantage" to the songs than that.

Plus, even if you buy their logic that watching those videos gives the earlier songs an advantage, the songs performed later are fresher in people's minds anyway--maybe people could use a reminder.

At the least, though, I'm thrilled that SVT does the webstream thing. That's great of them. I just agree with you and wish they wouldn't have pulled all those videos from, it's not like Alexander's in the competition any more! Will they still have videos pulled after Melodifestivalen is over? If they don't (and I hope they don't), then they're kind of giving (using their logic) unfair promotion for the singles sales of the artists who make it to the final--those knocked out earlier have their singles out now, and I don't know of any that have music videos from them. Later artists, on the other hand, would have those MF performances on YouTube to encourage people to release their singles that come out right around the time of the final.

Yeah, OK, not the strongest argument in the world...but basically, I boo at them with you.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, and one more thing to add into that book of a comment I just wrote: I miss Magnus and Annikafiore too. Yes, I know Magnus wasn't an original member, but I kind of liked the balance of having two guys' voices in the group.