Sunday, March 01, 2009

And then it was on to Latvia.

After MF I decided to go to Latvia and watch the last hour of their national final. From what I'm reading, things are not too good in Latvia at the moment, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of gloom whilst watching the Ventspils 'extravaganza'. By the time I tuned in, we were on to the 'superfinal' which was between three songs - "Sastregums", "Dynamite" and "Angel of Mine". The first was a rock-type non-song which seemed to be sticking two fingers up to the accepted ESC norm. Swedish-written "Dynamite" didn't do much for me, and "Angel of Mine" I found quite disturbing and creepily staged.

It did end, eventually, following folk singers, Russian dolls, and the Polish and Lithuanian entries being wheeled out. (These had somehow passed me by in recent weeks). Anyway it was Intars Busulis and "Sastregums" which will represent Latvia at ESC this year. What happened to the glory days of "My Star"? Or even "Hello From Mars" for that matter ? :)))

(goes off to YouTube to watch "My Star" and other assorted Brainstorm/Prata Vetra videos to console myself and drool over Renars)

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Rachel said...

Good plan,after hearing Sastregums,I think I'll join you in watching lovely Renars and remembering Latvia's glory days :) They used to be one of my favourite ESC countries,always trying something different (different but always good),but now they're just going the same way as loads of other Eastern European countries and making toilet breaks for everyone :(

I'm intrigued by your description of Angel of Mine though,must check it out...