Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This week's playlist: baby it's now or never

There are two kinds of songs on my playlist this week: those that are Melodifestivalen songs, and those that aren't. So....

Higher - Star Pilots: if their record company had any sense they would give this a Europe-wide release and it would be a massive summer hit.

Hope and Glory - Mans Zelmerlow: a very familiar fixture at EuropeCrazy HQ over the past week, even my mum can sing along with it by now!

Tick Tock - Nina Soderquist: this didn't initially register with me but I now love its high energy scary-rock-dance vibe.

Baby Goodbye - E.M.D.: try not to whistle along with this one....! Great memorable pop that sticks in your brain very quickly.

Stay The Night - Alcazar: same here. I could remember the tune after only one hearing, but inevitably this won't win on Saturday either.

Jag Tror Pa Oss - Scotts: I'm still finding this a ridiculously catchy foot-tapper.

And then the ones that aren't MF songs....

It's Only You Part II/Astronaut/Roxy - Salem Al Fakir: from his rather brilliant comeback performance on last week's "Popcirkus" on SVT. More about this at Planet Salem (can't resist a plug for my "famous" other blog!!)

Standing on the Shore/We Are The People - Empire of the Sun: I still can't get past the first four tracks on "Walking On A Dream" (that review will get posted on here someday) and these are my favourite two this week.

Det' Det' - Sukkerchok: Danish reinvention of Katy Perry from this year's Dansk MGP.

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