Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know you're listening to too much Swedish pop music when....

A couple of previous ones to start with: see cars with BWO on the numberplate and start thinking of Martin Rolinski :) can see a spooky likeness between your manager and Charlotte Perrelli. (!)

And now to add to the list:

....I decided to get the local bus home from town tonight. Now there is a very good-looking young bus driver on that route at teatime - and tonight it struck me that he is a better-looking version of Mattias from E.M.D. (or is it Erik from E.M.D.) anyway it's one of them, you know, one who isn't Danny!


Rachel said...

Hehe,I have that all the time- there's a guy at work who I know (in my head) as Anžej,despite him probably looking nothing like Mr Dežan at all.

My daily metro trips are always fun too- even a month on,it still amuses me to call St Lazare St Lazarev and St Denis St Denis Petrov :)

Oh,and I have a friend who looks a bit like Måns from some angles.I don't think he could dance or belt out Hope and Glory like the real thing though :)

EuropeCrazy said...

You know you're listening to too much Slovenian/Russian pop when...!

I'm not usually on the internet at this time on a Friday night but me and faithful travelling companion are doing some holiday research tonight as we'll need to get first week of May spring break sorted.

News soon :)))