Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week's playlist: can you stay up for the weekend?

I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris: truly the first great (non-Swedish) song of 2009. Long-awaited comeback from this very inventive and talented young man....I can't wait to hear his new album if it's as good as this.

The Queen - Velvet: it may not have gone far at MF but it's beginning to have a post-MF iPod longer life for me. Cracking little dancey pop song.

Singing That Melody - Swingfly: I'm not sure how this is going to do in the UK (it may have bombed already for all I know) but it's sooooo addictive and I'm listening to it a lot again.

Breakeven - The Script: it's not new by any means, but for some reason I seem to love this song more now than I used to. They have their critics, but I like them a lot. I see they did very well at this week's Irish music awards. Must do a post about that over the weekend if I remember.

Stay The Night - Alcazar: the "disco defenders" may have missed out at MF (yet again) but they will always be winners in my heart. Star quality and discotasticness, to the max.

Baby Goodbye - E.M.D.: Black suits, white suits whatever, I just find this song irresistible.

Hope and Glory - Måns Zelmerlöw: I'm still standing for it. Even if the Swedish public didn't last weekend....

Higher - Star Pilots: Still loving this big time.

Roxy/Bluest Eyes/Cold Shower/One of the Others - Salem Al Fakir: from Swedish radio P4's "Musikplats Stockholm" live session last Friday, some rather fabulous new songs whilst I wait for "Astronaut" to drop through my letterbox and when it does....this playlist will know it!!


Poster Girl said...

Boy, is this a perfect playlist. Not that they aren't always ;) but this one is just extra-amazing! Everything on here is gold.

EuropeCrazy said...

Glad you like it! Those MF songs just won't go away - and I can't get enough of that new Calvin Harris song. Love, love, love it.

Next playlist is going to be all Salem, all the time :)

Talking of whom, it looks as if he'll be going down the world domination route at last - he's playing a music industry showcase in the USA at the end of April so hopefully that will just be the beginning....!