Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweden's biggest radio hits of 2008...

...were revealed last week but I've been caught up in other things so haven't got round to this till now. These were the most played songs on Swedish radio last year which were written or co-written by Swedish songwriters: many favourites of mine are among them! (info courtesy of SVT Nyheter)

1. Curly Sue - Takida
2. Miss Blue - Vincent
3. Empty Room - Sanna Nielsen.
4. If Only You - Danny featuring Therese Grankvist
5. Hero - Charlotte Perrelli.
6. Lay Your Love On Me -BWO
7. Jennie, Let Me Love You - EMD
8. Brother, Oh, Brother - Måns Zelmerlöw
9. Something's Right - Westlife
10. Feelgood - Ola
11. 100 år från nu (blundar) - Martin Stenmarck
12. Us Against The World - Westlife
13. I Lågornas Sken - Nordman.
14. This Moment - Marie Picasso
15. Hur svårt kan det va? - Linda Bengtzing
16. Thank You - Amy Diamond
17. Just A Minute - Rongedal
18. Deja Vu - Velvet
19. I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
20. In The Heat Of The Night - Star Pilots


AcerBen said...

Not surprised @ number 1. I am surprised though that it hasn't been a hit elsewhere yet!

thanks for the link for the new blog btw :)

EuropeCrazy said...


I'm totally surprised that the no.1 hasn't been a hit outside Sweden, it's got "worldwide smash" written all over it. Just like you, I always thought it would go massive at some point, oh well when it eventually does we can say "told you so"!

Glad to be of service: the name may have changed but it's still a top quality blog - well done for all the hard work you put into it :)