Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Square-Eyed Couch Potato: March 2009

No improvement on the telly of late: still same old same old, I've struggled to put together a list of what I've been watching but here goes....

"HARRY HILL'S TV BURP" (ITV1, Saturdays) has, after a slight dip in quality (by his impossibly high standards) once again hit a comedy goldmine in recent weeks. The Lion Man, the 'knitted character', the jelly, 'the milk's off!!!!" ....this probably makes no sense if you don't watch it, but if you do then you know why I love it.

"THE LOST WORLD OF COMMUNISM" (BBC-2, Saturdays) is a short but highly fascinating series to commemorate 20 years passing since the end of communism in Eastern and Central Europe. The episodes so far, on the German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia, have mixed familiar tales with untold stories and previously unseen video footage to create a compelling programme. Make sure you catch the final show this week, about the Ceausescu dynasty in Romania.

From the sublime to the completely ridiculous: "POP GOES THE BAND" (Living, Mondays) has been the ultimate in car crash reality TV as old acts are given a makeover. In the case of Dollar, it involved various surgical and non-surgical procedures, leading up to the big event...a reunion (mimed) performance of "Mirror Mirror". Comedy gold, but for all the wrong reasons. The episode about Bucks Fizz was quite compelling though, as we got a bit of an insight into some underlying tensions. And at least they sang live at the end of it. Other episodes have seemingly featured Cleopatra, Visage and - wait for it - Shakatak!!

For a confirmed wedding-phobic like myself, I find it rather funny that I'm occasionally addicted to satellite channel WEDDING TV which as you would expect does what it says on the tin and has lots of wedding-themed programmes, like "For Better or Worse" which is a bit like an American version of "Don't Tell The Bride" - how to do a cheapo wedding and get yourself on the box at the same time.

I chose to ignore the most recent series of "DANCING ON ICE" (ITV1, Sundays) because it's just interminable. It goes on for about 3 or 4 hours every week (OK it just feels like it) but I finally succumbed and watched the final between serial reality contestant Ray Quinn (ex- X Factor), serial reality contestant Jessica Taylor (ex-Popstars The Rivals) and investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre (ex....."MacIntyre Investigates"?). Todd Carty and Coleen Nolan made all the headlines this series for John Sergeant-type 'vote for the worst' scenarios. Oh and Ray Quinn won. Quelle surprise! Have to admit he was the best though.

In the latest series of "COME DINE WITH ME" (Channel 4, Sundays) it's not enough just to rustle up some silly starters and a fish dish with a posh name. Oh no, you've got to put on a show, with one competitor going to the extent of impersonating Amy Winehouse! Pity she didn't have Back to Black Pudding as her main course (groan).

That's all for this month: Square-Eyed will now take a break until the end of May - next month I'll be too busy getting ready and going off to Gothenburg and then coming home and getting ready and going off to (mystery destination) at the beginning of May so I probably won't have much time to watch TV! There probably won't be anything worth watching anyway :(

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