Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big travel announcement (at last)

Usually we're a bit quicker off the mark, but time seems to have overtaken us this year. Anyway the big news tonight is that we have finally booked our flights for our spring break to....

(drum roll.....)


Yes it's back to sunny Deutschland for faithful travelling companion and myself in May. Regular readers with long memories may just remember that Dusseldorf was a contender for our Summer 2007 holiday but was beaten by Berlin. (The main reason it missed out that time was that we couldn't get any flights to the Dusseldorf international airport - only the one a million miles away which is used by a famous low cost airline - however we now have the option of flights from a local airport to the main airport which made up our minds this time). Still to book a hotel - will do that within the coming week.

Dusseldorf was actually plan B, as plan A was Munich but the extremely high cost of flights and hotels put us off.

It'll be like 2008 all over again - last year we went to Dublin and two weeks later we were in Riga; this year history is repeating as we'll be in Gothenburg and then in Dusseldorf two weeks later. The one thing I can predict is a mad rush and manic hysteria between now and then, but it will all be worth it!!!


Poster Girl said...

Ooo! I've never been, so I'm looking forward to hearing your trip report when you get back :D

EuropeCrazy said...


Yes of course there will be the usual report. Germany is a lovely country and I'm looking forward to seeing it again :)

Rachel said...

Deutschland,I'm so jealous! I don't know much about Nordrhein-Westfalen but I've heard lots of good things about Düsseldorf.I'm trying to plan my trip back to SH at the minute.Meant to be going in June for the Kieler Woche sailing festival,but that just seems to long to wait!