Friday, March 06, 2009

More good news (about my other blog)

Once again I can only apologise for the lack of posts on here. I'm very busy with Planet Salem at the moment, and so I haven't been able to post here as much as I'd like to.

Anyway, something fabulous has happened this week. Salem Al Fakir's official website is back - it's at - and if you visit that site and click 'fanblogs' you'll find a link to none other than Planet Salem, and the most recent posts are featured on that page! So my blog is now part of his website. How fantastic is that?????


Keira said...

Woah, that is awesome! Its like you're a full-fledged part of his marketing team... you should be getting paid for this. And I love the fact its fanblogS and yet yours is the whole page, hehe. That must be a great feeling. Clearly he values your efforts on keeping Planet Salem so up-2-date. He should put you on his Christmas card list, hehe.

EuropeCrazy said...

I can't believe how awesome it is either! It's wonderful for Planet Salem to be part of his website, but I do put a lot of time and work into it so I'm enjoying the rewards :))))

All my friends say that I should try to get to meet him when I get to Gothenburg for his concert 6 weeks from tonight: how good would that be? Need to work out some way for that to happen.....!

Keira said...

Hmm, yeah you should! Send an email to his management/publicist? Worth a try!