Sunday, December 30, 2007

Album Review: "Tangled Up" - Girls Aloud

Who’d have thought when Girls Aloud won "Popstars The Rivals" 5 years ago that they would still be around in 2007 and making high quality 21st century pop records. Pop bands aren’t supposed to make good albums - but Girls Aloud are the exception to the rule, as "Tangled Up" is not just a good pop album but a rather great one. We’ve got their brilliant writing/production team Xenomania to thank for that, with their never ending knack of giving us one unconventional pop gem after another. Here’s my track-by-track review.

Call The Shots is more subdued than what we’re used to, and to be honest is not really my favourite of their songs, but is still doing very well at the moment.

Close to Love is more high-energy and repetitive and its lyric gives the album its title.

Sexy! No No No.... This is still a high-powered treat and again defies the traditional conventions of verse-chorus-verse, and in typical Girls Aloud style has about six different songs in one.

Girl Overboard is a great Europop-style stomper which I could see being a big big hit all over Europe. Very catchy.

Can’t Speak French is a sophisticated foot-tapper which is now lodged in my brain. Apparently this will be the next single - good choice!

Black Jacks is another cracker with great vocals by Nadine on the chorus. Again the strength of this is a more unconventional approach.

Control of the Knife - a catchy mix of reggae and vocoded vocals, and another different style. Possible future single choice perhaps?

Fling - possibly my least favourite track on the album only cause it’s so annoying with that "fling baby fling baby" hookline. Goes off on a funky tangent though!

What You Crying For - uses that drum & bass style which was in vogue a couple of years ago. Filler it may be, but high quality filler nonetheless.

I’m Falling - this time they experiment with rock/pop. What I like about Girls Aloud is that they’re not afraid to stick to the one style.

Damn - Catchy and offbeat, not really much else to say!

Crocodile Tears - Girls Aloud don’t do ballads of course, but this comes quite close.

All in all, this is possibly the best British pop album of 2007. I don't know how much longer they’ll be around, but they’ll never outstay their welcome as long as they make records as good as this.

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