Sunday, December 16, 2007

Star Academy: Maureen's walked out!

Due to one thing and another I haven't even watched this week's prime yet, but I wandered over to TF1 just now to see what was happening, only to discover that Maureen - potential winner and one of my favourites - has walked out of the Chateau and quit the show!

Why do all my faves walk out? Last year it was Gael and this year it's Maureen. Seemingly citing "health problems" but I don't know any more about it.

Acer Ben - have you got any more news on this one?


AcerBen said...

No one seems to know anything yet, just that she has some health problem.

Gutted :(

EuropeCrazy said...

Yeah, me too. At least Alexia and Quentin are still there, the rest I'm really not too bothered about to be honest!

Living in the USA said...

I live in USA and just discovered Star Academy this year via satellite. I really enjoyed Maureen and she appeared certain to win. Please let me know when you find out what happened.

EuropeCrazy said...

Been over to the official site at TF1 and apparently due to Maureen's "physical and psychological state" she needed a rest so therefore decided to quit the show.

Of course that's the official line - but there's always another reason - I've watched this show for long enough to know that everything in reality-tv land isn't always what it appears to be :)

codnchips said...

Hi, I live in France and followed the beginning stages of the Star Academy. Like you I was very surprised that Maureen suddenly left.

In the meantime I have found some more explanation at the following website, which reveals at least a little more.

Check it out. This is an interview with Maureen. As far as I understand she didn't have the driving ambition to take part in the tour in 2008 following the Star Ac, or win the tournament itself.

She admits to never have really wanted to do the tournament, and says she was told that this season would be different, specifically with more focus on authors/composers.

I admire her singing greatly, but it seems to me that if she had that attitude she denied someone else a chance of participating. Still I hope we hear more of her - alongside Sofia Essaïdi in 2003 one of the best we've seen.

There were some high spots in Star Ac 7 - my favourite being the original arrangement of the duet between Maureen and Pierre (la vie en rose). But after 'le publique' bizarrely threw out Pierre the show hasn't held any more interest for me this year, so I stopped watching.