Sunday, December 16, 2007

This week's playlist: ok I said there wasn't going to be one, but...'s a blogger's prerogative to change her mind. Not a Christmas song in sight either; no I'm not being all 'bah humbug' but I hear them everywhere I go, so EC HQ is the last place I wanna hear them :-)

Black Jacks/Control of the Knife/Can't Speak French/Girl Overboard - Girls Aloud: I never really considered myself a GA fan as such, although they have made some great, unusual pop records. "Tangled Up" is full of them, and I will review it one day.
Flux - Bloc Party: I don't really like this band that much, but this is a rather good bit of frenzied electro-pop which is a bit different for them.
Bonafied Lovin' - Chromeo: discovered them thanks to Popjustice, this is an outstanding and witty slice of electro-funk which would have crashed my 2007-50 had I heard it earlier.
Saving My Face - KT Tunstall: another example of not liking a particular artist but liking a song on its own merits.
Some Kinda Rush - Booty Luv: dance duo which have done no wrong this year, with another uplifting dance delight.
Caritas - Doll By Doll: an old song from the early 80s, which still sounds stunning today, thanks to singer Jackie Leven's stunning voice - what an underrated singer he was.
Take Me Away/The Power - D:Ream: another underrated 90s dance outfit best known for "Things Can Only Get Better" but they made much better tracks, like these two for example.

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