Friday, December 07, 2007

Here come the girls

"Idol"-Sweden final tomorrow, and it's Marie Picasso versus Amanda Jenssen in the battle of the blonde bombshells. Aftonbladet asked all of the other Idol finalists for their tip to win - and all of them said Marie.
Song list for tomorrow night:
1. All By Myself - Marie
2. Unchain My Heart - Amanda
3. I'll Be There - Marie
4. Suspicious Minds - Amanda
Both finalists will then perform the song which this year's winner will release as a single - "This Moment" (aww maaan, not another one of those 'here I am, so happy that I'm standing here today' kind of songs - is it in Idol winners' contracts that they must sing them?)

1 comment:

AcerBen said...

Well I'm quite forward to hearing the song if Elofsson has anything to do with it :p

Not hugely bothered who wins - they'll both get signed anyway. Whoever does the single best, I suppose.