Saturday, December 01, 2007

Salem's tour, and other stuff from this week

I've been continuing to read all the blogs and Swedish press reports about Salem Al Fakir's Swedish tour this week. The Gothenburg show took place in Storan and was a unique 360 degree experience as the stage was open at both sides, you could see the gig either from the theatre side or club side. I read a review of the gig, which said that in his pre-song introduction to "It's True" he said that it's usually a happy song for him but now it's a sad song - then he became quite upset whilst singing it. (Anyone know why???)

There was a really positive review of his Linköping show in one of the Swedish papers, whilst I liked an amusing post by an Expressen blogger in Örebro, who had a dream that Salem's hair was actually a wig made of foam rubber!!

There's a couple of clips from Uppsala on YouTube, one of them is "It's Only You" which I hadn't heard him sing live before.

Salem was interviewed by one of the Swedish newspapers this week and he said that after his tour he will take some time out and write new songs, but he didn't know when he would release any new material, and there was no news about him being launched internationally. (That's not to say he won't, of course, but I had been hoping for something very soon).

He will however play at the Bylarm festival in Oslo along with a number of other Nordic bands, between 23-25 February 2008.

I have some other stuff I want to say about Salem and this blog: see next post.

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