Monday, December 10, 2007

Melodifestivalen fever starts here.

The songs and artists were announced today for the Gothenburg and Västerås heats.


"Lullaby" - Brandur
"I Love Europe" - Christer Sjögren
"Line of fire" - The Poodles & E-Type
"Alla gamla x" - Face 84
"That’s Love" - Michael Michailoff.
"Visst finns mirakel" - Suzzie Tapper
"Deja vû" - Velvet


"Den första svalan" - Alexander Schöld
"Kebabpizza, Slivovitza" - Andra Generationen
"Du behöver aldrig mer vara rädd" - Lasse Lindh
"Love In Stereo" - Ola
"Just A Minute" - Rongedal
"Empty Room" - Sanna Nielsen
"Razborka" - The Nicole

The thing about MF is that the songs you think you'll like are the ones you don't, and the ones you don't think you'll like are the ones you do. After reading the above list I'm excited about the Poodles/E-Type collaboration (OK, laugh at me if you must), also the return of Velvet, but really really excited about...Ola! Ola! Ola! Hope the song's good.

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