Sunday, December 16, 2007

Retro Saturday: Mathieu Johann & Maxim Nucci

While we are on the subject of extremely desirable French men who happen to sing, then I can't go tonight without mentioning a clip from 2004's "Star Academy" featuring Mathieu Johann, who I still think is the most gorgeous man who ever featured in my favourite French reality-talent show. Here he is, duetting with equally gorgeous Maxim Nucci, who is better known for being the other half of Star Ac 1 winner Jenifer Bartoli, than for his rather insignificant own solo career.

Talking of solo careers: Mathieu - will you spend less time hanging out with that Clemence woman and get that album released! (At least he's got a Myspace now, so I'll keep checking that out)

Wallow in the gorgeousness of Mathieu and Maxim at

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