Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back again!

Had a great Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

Thanks to the most important people in my life for making it so special - you know who you are.

Got lots of lovely presents too.

Thanks to a combination of live and recorded shows, TV wasn't too bad either...

Christmas Crackers: "When Joseph Met Maria" (BBC-1): Ok I know this was on last night but I videotaped it as I thought it would be perfect to watch today. I wasn't wrong - this TV special featuring the finalists from "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" and "Any Dream Will Do" was rather wonderful, and you can never have enough Lee Mead - gorgeous, talented etc etc, need I say more....

"Harry Hill's Christmas TV Burp" (ITV): The king of absurd TV comedy fully deserved his prime spot in the Christmas TV schedule: spiced peaches, Dot Cotton's zip, and a goose/turkey "FIGHT!" were three good reasons to love this. Even better news is that a new series is on the way!!

"Strictly Come Dancing" (BBC-1): Or rather, the first 55 minutes of this Christmas special, featuring the top 4 couples from the recent series (Alesha/Matthew, Matt/Flavia, Gethin/Camilla, Leticia/Darren) and the last two series winners (Mark/Karen & Darren/Lilia). Particularly enjoyed Mark and Matt, who are not only rather pleasant to watch but they also dance very well indeed.

Christmas Turkeys: "Strictly Come Dancing" (BBC-1): Or rather, the last 5 minutes of this Christmas special. Darren Gough? Eh? I was puzzled when he beat the brilliant Colin Jackson two years ago. Ditto tonight. Better than Mark? Alesha? Matt? Gethin? Even Leticia? No way no way. I don't understand his appeal, and I'd be grateful if anyone could explain it to me. Talking of turkeys, Tess Daly was dressed in an outfit which looked like a pair of old curtains, reminiscent of something the wicked stepmother would wear in panto. Someone in the wardrobe department must hate her that much.

"Coronation Street" (ITV): One of our all-time favourite soaps is going through a bad patch at present. No surprise therefore that this was a typically unremarkable Christmas Day episode, although I did cheer when Kevin Webster thumped the two-timing teacher. Otherwise, very boring. And why does everyone in soaps end up in the pub on Christmas Day?

Anyway I should watch less television now that I've got a fab new digital radio to listen to!! :-)

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