Sunday, December 02, 2007

Idol 2007 30.11.07: And then, there were two.

Three singers remained in the Swedish Idol competition: Marie, Andreas and Amanda.

"I Have Nothing" - Marie: Honestly, if I hear another Whitney song in one of these reality-pop contests I will scream and scream and scream....anyway, another assured performance by Marie, who surely must win it now?

"Cryin'" - Andreas: He does have a good rock voice which went well with this Aerosmith number, however overall he still lacked star quality and seemed resigned to the fact he was going this week.

"Hallelujah" - Amanda: This may just have been the performance to convert the haters, but I'm sorry, but I still don't get her. This was ok, but that was all.

"Conga" - Andreas: Who said 'stitched up'? Giving a rock singer such a throwaway number was such an obvious attempt to get him out. Or am I just paranoid?

"Maneater" - Marie: IMHO possibly one of her worst performances of the series, but there's no denying she's still got lots of potential and I think she'll have an interesting career ahead as a recording artist.

"No One" - Amanda: very shrewd song selection, choosing the current Alicia Keys hit. However I don't like this song very much, and her off-key vocals didn't help. Is it just me?

Result: the biggest foregone conclusion of the series to date, as Andreas went out, leaving the first ever all-female Idol final contest in Sweden.

It's Marie versus Amanda: hope Marie wins, but I fear the worst. Anyway I'm off to watch my Christoffer videos and dream of what might have been....!


AcerBen said...

Haven't been following this religiously, but I wouldn't mind if Amanda does win - Marie might be technically the better singer but there is nothing distinctive about her at all and she has nothing unique to offer. Amanda could come up with a much better album. She's a bit quirky and I like her!

I'm looking forward to hearing whatever the legend that is Elofsson has come up with for next week! I just hope it's more Right Here Right Now and less Everything Changes. And I hope Darin performs at the final.

EuropeCrazy said...

Although I'm not really an Amanda fan I certainly agree that she could be an interesting recording artist. Maybe it's better if she doesn't win - the past winners of Idol in Sweden haven't exactly become megastars. I don't know about Darin performing at the final, but I did read that Kelly Clarkson would definitely be performing.