Sunday, April 06, 2008

French Charts Update

Let's see what's happening in the French singles chart.
After the last few years making rather good French language r'n'b, M Pokora has now released his third album (his first in the English language) it's called "MP3". The first single from it, "Dangerous" was premiered at the NRJ Music Awards back in January and now it's top of the French singles chart. The track is a collaboration with Timbaland and I feel it has international hit potential, even if (IMHO) it's a little repetitive and nowhere near as great as "Elle Me Controle".
French dance music is on a real high at the moment and yet another one of their top DJs Laurent Wolf is at no.2 this week with "No Stress" which is in the same kind of vein as David Guetta, only not as good. Loving the sentiment though - "I don't wanna work today...."
"Je Realise" by Sinik is still doing well and getting lots of radio airplay. Who'd have thought that James Blunt would ever appear on a bearable record? Yes folks, the impossible has been achieved, as this mix of French rap and the (disturbingly popular in France) Mr Blunt actually works.
"Tant Besoin de Toi" by Marc Antoine is also still in the top 10 singles and again getting a lot of airplay. I still find it a little too repetitive and feel it becomes quickly boring.
Jenifer is of course one of my favourite French female singers but "Comme Un Hic" isn't much more than OK, in fact I find it rather annoying and hasn't grown on me the way that "Tourner Ma Page" did, even if that took a long time.
I've not really been keen on the solo material by Christophe Mae but "Belle Demoiselle" is pleasant enough, it's still in the same Jack Johnson/Eagle-Eye Cherry influenced style as "On S'Attache". Maybe I might like this because it's also very reminiscent of Gerald de Palmas, whose music I absolutely love. In fact - totally spontaneous here - I'm gonna do a post about him!


AcerBen said...

Jenifer's last album was so disappointing. I loved her second album particularly the ballady ones.

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes I agree, definitely prefer her earlier stuff. I think she may just have gone too far in the opposite direction to try and get away from her "old sound".