Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If you understand Swedish and know anything about "Körslaget" - I need your help!

I see that the Swedish press is reporting some kind of scandal about TV4's "Körslaget" which is a new "Clash of the Choirs" show. I haven't actually seen any of the clips yet as I can't get any TV4 clips to play on my temperamental computer (possibly need to upgrade Media Player?).

Anyway as my Swedish is so poor, what's the story about the scandal involving Brolle? Something to do with sms - is it a vote-rigging scandal? I have tried using translation sites but I don't know the background to the story so if any of my lovely Swedish-speaking readers could help me out, I'd be very grateful indeed. :)

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Poster Girl said...

I wasn't going to comment on this in hopes someone who has more than my awful knowledge of Swedish would, but if no one else is going to...

I THINK what's going on isn't that there's actual thought that votes were being rigged, but more Brolle being upset with how he's being treated and what's been said about him--what happened was that the manager of the show was texting with an apparently fairly well-known blogger; the blogger's cell phone is set up so that the texts (in general, not just these ones) are viewable to everyone online. The blogger used a denigrating term in reference to Brolle and the manager (not questioning that term or anything) joked about "well, if you want him out then we'll rig it that way." Since those texts are public, it's more a matter of unprofessionalism (from the person running the show) or mockery (though the direct insulting was on the blogger's part, not from the guy in charge of the show) than actual manipulation of votes or anything.

Emphasis being on the "think" part of that ;) I haven't read today's Aftonbladet yet either, so I'm not sure if stuff has changed.