Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swedish Charts Update

Haven't been over to SR P3's "Digilistan" for a while, so now is as good a time as any.

The swinging foot-tapper that is "Amarula Tree", Amanda Jenssen's follow-up to the great "Do You Love Me", is at no.2 this week and seriously challenging current no.1 "4 Minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake for next week's top spot. No.3 this week is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, which is such a nice, feelgood song, similar in musical style to Jack Johnson although a little more upbeat. Would love to see this song in the UK chart, but that's just wishful thinking...

"Curly Sue" a long-running chart hit by Takida, is now going back up the Swedish chart and is no.7. Again, this Metallica-style rock ballad has international chart potential and I wouldn't bet against it doing well outside Sweden.

Another little treat, "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles, is no.10. This is an uptempo feelgood piano-based track and has been a particular favourite of mine over recent weeks.

M Pokora is no.16 with his English-language breakthrough single "Dangerous" with the help of the mighty Timbaland (YEAH!).

After her big hit single "Let Me Think About It", Danish dance diva Ida Corr is now back with "Ride My Tempo", a decent slice of electro-soul although it's nowhere near as good as her Fedde Le Grand collaboration.

Interesting to see Brolle Jr's "Watching The Stars" re-enter at no.49 after it was performed last week on "Körslaget".

As for this year's Melodifestivalen acts, they're no longer monopolising the top 20 but some are still around in the following chart positions: 6 - Linda Bengtzing, 11 - Charlotte Perrelli, 12 - Sanna Nielsen, 13 - Maia Hirasawa (ok, ok, interval act, I know), 14 - BWO, 18 - Nordman, 24 - Amy Diamond, 27 - Rongedal, 29 - Sibel, 33 - Frida featuring Headline.


AcerBen said...

I think Jason Mraz has a chance of scoring a UK hit at last with that one.

Amanda's song is growing on me!

EuropeCrazy said...

Think (hope) you may be right about Jason Mraz - it's got a really summery feel to it and all we need is the weather to match :)

I wasn't really sure about "Amarula Tree" to begin with, but it's now grown on me too - and Amanda is such a quirky talented popstar. Further proof indeed that it's better not to win win "Idol" in Sweden.