Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes we all have bad days...(part 295)

Being of a cheerful disposition most of the time, it's all the more amazing that we've managed to cope with what seems like never-ending domestic crisis situations over the last 14 months or so at EuropeCrazy HQ.

And so to the icing on the cake today: what we initially thought was yet another gas boiler breakdown turned out to be a leak from the gas pipe under the floorboards in our living room. Potential death trap situation was averted thanks to a multi-talented gas engineer who not only repaired the leak and installed a new section of gas pipe, but also re-fitted all the ripped-up carpets.

Now can we have some good luck for a change?????


Rachel said...

I know how you feel- it all seems to be one bad thing after another at home in Kent too,it's nice to be able to come back to Surrey and get away from it!I'm sure good things will happen soon- in the meantime we always have Europop to keep us cheerful :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Indeed we do!!!! You can't beat a bit of Europop.

Blogging is also good therapy too :)

Is "Sounds of Europe" coming back this week? I can't hear it live any more but usually catch it on 'listen back'.

Rachel said...

Yep,we did a show this evening.We think it was a pretty good one,there's a lot of talk about Jonatan and the Sergey interview is on there too.There's some issue with listen back at the minute,the timing's all messed up so you have to listen to the 10pm and 11pm links instead of 9 and 10.I think that makes sense!

Keira said...

Sounds of Europe has retuned! and we felt like it was a pretty good show this week. It is still on the listen back, but the system hasnt coped with the clocks changing very well, so you'll find it under 10pm and 11pm instead. :/

Hope your lucks changed, and that you have a fab time in Latvia!

Keira said...

Haha, it is true that me and Rach are the same person - we wrote practically the same thing. We should get out more :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks Rachel & Keira, I'll check out the listen back links over the coming nights and am looking forward to the Sergey interview as I can't get enough of "Flyer Under Fire" at the moment.

Things are getting better now and fingers crossed they stay that way :)