Sunday, April 20, 2008

Körslaget: Maximum cheese alert!

Only in Sweden could Saturday night's top show consist of various choirs from Swedish towns competing against each other, each team captained by a well-known Swedish singing celebrity.

Welcome to Körslaget. The cheese alert has just been raised from orange to red. :)))

Over recent weeks this new show has attracted maximum controversy thanks to a text message scandal, which I couldn't understand until Poster Girl kindly explained to me in an earlier post on here. Brolle is still in the show, and all the publicity will have done his comeback no harm at all (I haven't heard the new Swedish language album yet, but if "Solo i Stockholm" is anything to go by, then it will be a goodie :)

Finally able to watch videos on TV4's revamped site, so I was able to check out the show at last and would like to announce that this blog is now supporting Team Brolle and Team Linda, and should both get to the final, then Brolle will get my vote!!

I haven't posted any screencaps for a while, but here are some from last night's show. They are a bit blurry, but they'll just have to do!!

Brolle, and his magnificent quiff!

Team Brolle, all the way from Boden, "Watching The Stars"

Team Linda, giving it some "Hur Svårt Kan Det Va". Loved their little routine, even if they looked like a tinfoil convention :)

Team Markoolio, and someone who's not Linda, singing "Varsta Schlager". I've never really understood Markoolio's appeal, and obviously the viewers last night didn't either, as he and his team were evicted from the competition.


Poster Girl said...

I've been so bad about watching this show--I really mean to and want to but haven't properly got caught up yet.

Aww, LOL at those outfits for Linda's team!

I'm really liking most of the songs on Brolle's new album--I'll have to write about it at some point!

About the above post: I'm impressed that they managed to mash all those songs together--and get something that doesn't sound like a mess at all! Wow--I like it.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hopefully TV4's website will work better for you than it did for me :)

I'm looking forward to reading your comments on Brolle's new CD.

At the moment I'm listening to clips on iTunes. I love music in the Swedish language so it's great to hear him doing this. I always thought he was such an underrated singer, he has that amazing depth, control and 'dramatic' quality in his voice, yet it never sounds forced. I'll probably need to hear a bit more of the songs before I can write about them though.

But the big question is: will you be supporting Team Brolle or Team Linda???

Adrian said...

This show sounds AMAZING!

JORDI said...

There's nothing cheesy about the show. Its quality entertainment if i may so. just go to show the quality of the voices, even of the average Swede. choirs are actually a big thing in sweden, even trhe most famous pop or indie acts are members of one in their local districts.

so please, cut your anglo snobbery and go check out the programe first before you make sweeping derogatory remarks. its not as if, english variety shows are lacking on the cheese factor. its the cheeziest and most philistine in europe, i reckon well!!!!

EuropeCrazy said...

Jordi, I'm sorry if you thought my remarks were derogatory - they were certainly not meant to be that way. What I did find sweeping and derogatory was your reference to my so-called "anglo snobbery". I've certainly never been accused of that before! This blog exists to celebrate all things European and regular readers will be aware of my particular fondness for Swedish music.

I've seen many clips of this entertaining TV show, and have become a big fan of it. At no time did I ever criticise the vocal ability of the contestants. The show is great fun and has been a refreshing change from the usual reality talent shows which now dominate our TV screens.

Thank you for your comments anyway :)