Sunday, April 27, 2008

That new Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm) song.

I've decided to be a bit more, um, 'authentic' as I count down to my Latvian adventure. So I'm only going to listen to Prāta Vētra singing in Latvian rather than in English. Quite fortunate really as their new single is in their native language. It's called "Ja tikai uz mani tu paskatītos". Initially I didn't like it as much as "And I Lie" but having heard it a couple of times now, it's a grower.

I will really need to make an effort to check out other Latvian music (that isn't Prāta Vētra or for that matter, anything that country ever sent to Eurovision) before I go, but knowing me I'll probably buy up everything Prāta Vētra-related. Wouldn't mind a live DVD either, not that I want to drool over Renars Kaupers or anything, you know....!!!


Rachel said...

God,I'm so behind in the Prāta Vētra stakes- I didn't realise they'd done anything since Thunder Without Rain!I shall have to check out this new stuff straight away :)

EuropeCrazy said...

I hadn't really heard any of their Latvian-language songs till lately, but thanks to good old YouTube once again, I'm catching up now.