Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That new Basshunter song...and September's UK chart success

It's a cover of "Please Don't Go", the KC & The Sunshine Band ballad, which was reinvented in 1992 by KWS as a dancey tune. Now it's been reinvented yet again in the style of "Boten Anna"/"Now You're Gone". Can I just add my voice to the millions (ok I exaggerate) who have already pointed out that this.is.not.a.good.idea.

Can we have something new, and different, next time please?

Talking of Swedish dance exports, congratulations to Petra "September" Marklund who has been sitting in the UK top 10 singles for the last couple of weeks with "Cry For You". I had a feeling a couple of months ago that she was going to make it big here, and I was right. Now all they need to do is re-release "Satellites" and then follow it up with "Can't Get Over" and I will be a very happy blogger indeed.

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