Saturday, April 26, 2008

Svenska Favoriter no more.

I feel rather gutted, as I've just discovered that Svenska Favoriter ("hundra ett comma nio!") is no more. The station which played exclusively Swedish music and which soundtracked my Stockholm holiday in 2007 and subsequently provided backing music for many a blogging session, is gone and in its place comes Star FM, which just looks to me like a Swedish version of Real Radio (note to non-British readers: this is a British radio station which specialises in familiar oldies and 'safe' current hits).

This will not do.

I don't know the reason why Svenska Favoriter has ceased to exist, but its all-schlager-all-the-time format could always guarantee some good old cheesy Swedish pop, with Melodifestivalen tracks old and new as its speciality.

Svenska Favoriter R.I.P. You will be sadly missed. :((((

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