Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goodbye Pop Unlimited : a tribute

Very sad news tonight as I discovered that one of my blogging buddies Acer Ben has made the decision to close down one of the best pop blogs ever - Pop Unlimited.

If you've ever visited that blog you couldn't fail to appreciate his knowledge, enthusiasm and love of pop music. He put so much time, effort and hard work into every post, and not to mention the task of uploading videos and bringing back fond memories of long-lost 90s pop and dance acts with all those Top of the Pops video clips.

On a personal note, Acer Ben was one of the first people to ever leave comments on my blog and I always loved reading what he had to say. He also always made me and his other regular visitors feel very welcome over at Pop Unlimited. Also, it was nice to come across someone who was as completely mad about French reality TV talent show Star Academy as I was!

Acer Ben's now off into the "real world" and I wish him lots of luck with his plans to pursue a career in the music industry - it certainly needs someone with his enthusiasm.

All the best Acer Ben - and thanks again for your fabulous blog. It will be much missed :((((


AcerBen said...

LOL have I died and not realised it?

Thank you very much for that, that's very kind of you. I will of course continue to read your blog so I'm not really going anywhere!

AcerBen said...

LOL have I died and no one's told me about it?

Thank you very much, that's very kind. I will of course continue to be a fan of your blog so I'll be staying in touch! Keep up the good work :)

AcerBen said...

Ah comment moderation.. that's why it's not showing up :p

EuropeCrazy said...

R.I.P. !!!!!

Of course you're very much alive and well, and you'll always be a welcome visitor here! :)

(Sorry for the comment moderation though, but as I said earlier that's only so I don't get into trouble with my wonderful employers!)