Sunday, April 06, 2008

Retro Saturday (on Sunday!): Kula Shaker

Been so tired over the past week, and last night was no exception - I was even too sleepy to do my usual Saturday night trip back in time. So for one week only, I give you Retro Saturday - on Sunday!

I suppose this week's theme is early to mid 90s British rock/pop, (as opposed to "Britpop", which all those post-Oasis/Blur bands of the mid 90s were labelled) .
One of my best memories of the mid 90s was seeing Kula Shaker play live, just around the time they had their first big hit single - the mystical 60s psychedelia-influenced "Tattva". I haven't posted this though - instead I've gone for "Grateful When You're Dead" which you can find at
Their third single "Hey Dude" was equally fab:
After this and their excellent debut album "K", they totally lost the plot and I couldn't really be bothered with their music after that. Believe it or not, they are still going!

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