Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week's playlist: How come we always end up here

The playlist is a little bit different this week: a few oldies inspired by memories jogged by fellow bloggers, and a few established favourites....

Weekends - The Mighty Wah!: Time for a Pete Wylie revival? During the 1980s he consistently provided various musical delights with his various Wah! incarnations. Here is one of them.
Thinking About Your Love - Skipworth and Turner: exceptional 80s soul-dance tune which I probably appreciate more now than I did then, and I thought it was pretty good back in the day.
Partners In Crime - Rupert Holmes: Inspired by his appearance on a recent Retro Saturday, this is lyrically sharp and has surprisingly held up well indeed.
The Storm - World of Twist: Another ex-Retro favourite which still sounds very good today.
Black and Gold - Sam Sparro: well, what did you expect? A weekly playlist without this one? No chance.
Måndagsbarn - Veronica Maggio: I wasn't really a fan of hers before, but this retro-flavoured tune (produced by one of my Snook boys!) is a finger-clicking, foot-tapping treat.
Tvåhundratusen - Eric Gadd: He's possibly been around for ever, but he's back (and back on form) with this very well produced falsetto stomper.
Dangerous - M Pokora: International hit potential guaranteed for this Timbaland-produced catchy r'n'b number. Already climbing the Swedish chart.
Let It Shine/World of Its Own - Tingsek: something new and something old from this very creative, soulful Swedish artist.
Love Song - Sara Bareilles: Think Colbie Caillat meets Mika: that's how I'd describe this song, by an American singer who I've just discovered although she's been around for ages.

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