Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.10: Masumiyetin ziyan olmaz

"2012" - Mor ve Ötesi.

Chiming guitars, passionate vocals, outstanding harmonies = top quality Turkish rock music. After a couple of hearings I had no doubt that this was a prime candidate for my annual countdown.

Although they came to my attention in Eurovision 2008, I then lost Mor ve Ötesi and didn't find them again until a few weeks ago, whilst on holiday in Turkey. Their song "Araf" was a regular fixture on the Power Turk TV music channel, and I loved it enough to go out and buy the band's latest album. I guess you could say that "2012" was (almost) the title track of that album, Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz; it's a terrific rock album by a great rock band. I'm glad I found them again.

No official video: studio version is at

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