Saturday, December 04, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.23: If we get together now we'll burn this place down

"Playing With Fire" - Ovi and Paula Seling.

In retrospect, my favourite Eurovision Song Contest entry from 2010. Perspex pianos at the ready for a high-energy duet with little shades of drama and "Poker Face", and I thought Ovi and Paula made a very appealing duo.

Official video:

Off-topic, followers of Norway's MGP will be familiar with Ovi thanks to the very nice "Seven Seconds" from the 2009 contest. You know how much I love piano-pop so this one really appealed to me: and I think he's very good indeed - hope to see him representing either Romania (again) or Norway at ESC someday.

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Damian said...

My most successful favorite this year! I couldn't even imagine they'd reach Top-3 but they did it and it was so deserved! Seven Seconds was one of my faves on MGP-2009 and it was one of the songs that made my music year then.