Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.24: I can't fly at the speed of light, I can't be your yes man

"Yes Man" - Bjørn Johan Muri.

Sometimes you come across songs in Eurovision national finals which are maybe not right for Eurovision, but they just make a perfect hit song.

Bjørn Johan Muri may not have won the MGP battle, and I wasn't really impressed by him or this song at the time of the contest, but he ended up winning the chart hit war and in the long run "Yes Man" became my favourite MGP song this year. It's lightweight and floaty with a very summery feel, and just a very nice pop song.

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Damian said...

Today morning listening to "Yes man" I thought right about the same - how wrong it was from the begining for MGP but how great it has got its place. I'd place it in my top somewhere at this level, maybe higher.