Saturday, December 04, 2010

The 2010-50: No.21: It messed me up, need a second to breathe

"Whataya Want From Me" - Adam Lambert.

After some consideration I've decided that this song is the winner of my annual "Great lost European hit of the year" award - it did well in Europe but virtually sunk without trace here despite its impressive pedigree (written by Pink/Max Martin/Shellback).

Although on the first few listens I thought it was a bit 'by-the-numbers' it quickly grew on me and, like some of the other songs in my chart, I'll always associate it with my Swedish trip and over the following months thanks to its airplay on Swedish radio.

I always thought he could be the "male Lady Gaga", a world superstar in the making. Maybe in 2011 the focus will shift away from female artists/rubbish urban music, and he'll finally get the recognition he deserves in this country?

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Damian said...

Genial song! My Top-3 of the year for sure, both Pink's and Adam's versions had high rotations in my player and they haven't decreased at all. I'm eager for next Adam's album already, he needs to give more and sooner.