Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.7: Get on up on your feet to the love store, hey bubbles, wanna smell the candy?

"4 O'Clock" - Salem Al Fakir.

Second single released from "Ignore This", which became a live favourite thanks to its singalong hands-in-the-air chorus and playful lyrics.

If Salem is heading in a more electronic/dance music direction then this song was a perfect indication of that - a mixes EP was released, featuring a particularly outstanding mix of the song by Adrian Lux, which was championed by top DJ Tiësto during his summer shows. The EP also featured a mix of the song by Salem's alter ego Damien Adore. Talking of whom...he'll be making an appearance in my chart very soon!

Studio version of the Adrian Lux remix:

Studio version of the Damien Adore remix:

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