Saturday, March 08, 2008

Andra Chansen: my foolish predictions

I spent about 3 hours trying to figure out how "Andra Chansen" actually worked and had to end up going over to the dark side, ie a Carola fansite, to finally get the answer. Oh, the depths which I'll sink to, just to post my foolish predictions for tonight's Melodifestivalen heat....!

Anyway, heat one sees E-Type & The Poodles versus Sibel.
Prediction: Sibel will sail through to the next round.

Heat two: Ola versus Caracola.
Prediction: My heart says Ola (of course) but my head says Caracola. Hope I'm wrong.

Heat three: Nordman versus Androla a.k.a. Johnson & Haggkvist.
Prediction: Like a mini-"group of death" this one isn't it! I might be wrong, but Nordman are gonna burn the witch!

Heat four: Therese Andersson versus Suzzie Tapper.
Prediction: I'm not really interested enough that either of them progress, and it will depend 'on tonight's performance' as they say on all the reality shows....ok I guess it will be Suzzie.

Next round:

Sibel versus Caracola.
Nordman versus Suzzie Tapper.

To the final:
Sibel and Nordman.

Will I be right? All will be revealed in just over four hours time.

The Spanish final, "Salvemos Eurovision" will be broadcast tonight on TVE Internacional (via Sky TV in the UK) at 9.30 pm British time. Good old Spanish TV likes nothing better than a three and a half hour extravaganza (as I fondly remember the good old days of Operacion Triunfo when it was on TVE) so I'll set the video for this one and will watch it at a later date. May the best song win (although I probably won't love it as much as "I Love You Mi Vida").

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