Saturday, March 01, 2008

Charlotte and Linda to Globen!

Poster Girl's gonna go into meltdown!!!

Congratulations to Charlotte Perrelli and Linda Bengtzing. At least I got that one right! Two very assured performances tonight which we in the UK can only dream of....

Nordman and Sibel to Andra Chansen, setting up the following head-to-heads next week in Kiruna:

E-Type & The Poodles vs Sibel; Carola & Andreas vs Nordman; Ola vs Caracola; Therese Andersson vs Suzzie Tapper.

Full review of tonight's show to follow.

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Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha!

Oh, you called it, you should have seen me last night!

Beyond being thrilled that you liked the winning performances, I also completely agree with you about Sibel. I was actually kind of shocked when the song ended--wait, we had a chorus already? And wait, that was it? Loads of overdramatic stuff and yeah some good vocals, but it just didn't feel like a song for me, more just an excuse to show "look, I can diva-sing with the best of them."

I really really liked Daniel's song too--and his performance which yeah, I too was surprised to see so much criticism of. I don't know what I missed...but I still love the song :D and thought the fact that he could still sing at all while doing all those complicated leg movements for the dance was pretty impressive. I imagine a lot of Melodifestivalen debutantes would have totally crashed and burned because of that, but I didn't feel like he did at all (post-performance). I guess Sweden felt differently, though!