Saturday, March 08, 2008

This week's playlist: Tell me what I gotta say

Come On Girl - Taio Cruz: infectious, addictive mix of electro & r'n'b which has now eaten its way into my brain.
Black and Gold - Sam Sparro: my most favourite favourite favourite song of the moment. The kind of song that Gnarls Barkley should have come back with.
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan: it's become a bit of a love or hate song now. Guess what? I love it.
Solo i Stockholm - Brolle (Jr): What's better than Brolle in English? Brolle in Swedish. The kind of big dramatic pop that he does so well. Great to see him back.
Tiny Dancer - Marco Demark: cheesy dance cover version of the moment, as Elton John gets remade for the dancefloor and daytime radio.
Forever or Never - Cinema Bizarre: Ok so Germany didn't like this enough to send it to Eurovision, but I still do.
La Histeria - Marquess: ditto.
Manic - Colourbox: fabulous 80s electro which still sounds amazing today (and I promise a post about them soon too).
Bury My Heart - White and Torch: another obscure 80s number with a 60s influence, which I've rediscovered lately and am enjoying again.
Love Is Gone - David Guetta, Peter Cincotti & Quentin Mosimann: utterly brilliant jazz-dance version of the Guetta song from the Star Academy final. Still loving this big time.

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