Sunday, March 09, 2008

Retro Saturday: Weekend

After the demise of Young Marble Giants, singer Alison Statton formed Weekend, which produced some cool, smooth early 80s jazz. There is very little footage available but good old YouTube delivered a French TV clip as follows:


I Am Not The Beatles said...

Hello - well that was nice to hear, I've been trying to find some Weekend to listen to for a while ever since posting about the band they evolved into, Working Week, a while back. So thanks very much.

If yer interested :

Oh, and so I don't have to comment on every single one of your posts : it was also lovely to hear Hallelujah Man once more .... and whyowhyowhy don't Bodies Without Organs ever win and represent their country ? It's beyond me, I tell you.

All the best,

Ian TB


I Am Not The Beatles said...

Oh, and I should add :

Did you know that Alison Statton is now... a chiropractor in Wales.