Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More German stuff.

Germany chooses its 2008 Eurovision entry this Thursday in what looks like one of the better national finals of this season.

My two favourite songs in it are "La Histeria" by Marquess, which has been in my weekly playlist for the past couple of weeks. Would German voters send a song in Spanish to Eurovision though? That's the only problem I can see. "Forever Or Never" by Cinema Bizarre, whose visual image is somewhere between Tokio Hotel and 80s new romantics, with an electro-pop song that is very reminiscent of "All The Things She Said". This song is now stuck in my brain and will probably be in this week's playlist as well.

"Disappear" by comeback Popstars-band No Angels is also ok I guess, they have been very popular so are in with a big chance. A kind of Sugababes sound going on there too. "Just One Woman" by Tommy Reeve is, well, a bit dull and seems to be there to make up the numbers. "Hinterm Ozean" by Carolin Fortenbacher is a Euro ballad by numbers, she has a nice enough voice but again I'm not a ballad fan and wouldn't really want this one to qualify.

Unlike my weekly attempts at predicting Melodifestivalen, I'm not gonna predict this one! All I'll say is - Germans, please pick Marquess or Cinema Bizarre!

A brief diversion to something Serbian: I like the uptempo disco-tastic "Beli Jablan" by Aleksa Jelic and Ana Stajdohar, which is in their national final, but will probably lose out to the usual meaningful Balkan ballad. Groove along to Aleksa and Ana in the meantime at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTzRi-pqAUM&feature=related

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Robpop said...

I want it to go No Angels. But methinks they are just there to promote their album re-release....