Monday, March 24, 2008

Do I really need to tell the world how much I love BWO???

Oh, go on then, I hear you say.
BWO's greatest hits album "Pandemonium" is out very soon in Sweden, and here is a picture of the cover, with Martin, Alexander and Marina in their "Lay Your Love On Me" outfits. Is there any chance of "Lay Your Love On Me" getting a single release in the UK? Whilst I like "Sunshine In The Rain", I thought it was a strange choice for a single - why not "Temple of Love" instead?
All together now - "Want! Love! Whoooooo.....!".....sorry. I really will need to calm down. :P

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Poster Girl said...

I just LOVE their covers. And "Lay Your Love On Me" is STILL fantastic--I'm going to be playing it for a long time to come, I can tell. And ha ha, no need to calm down--this is BWO we're talking about; you have a right to go over-the-top about them ;)